Spilled Perfume

So Many are His Plans!

on January 24, 2014

My favorite story in the entire Bible – though it is tied with two others – is the one of Joseph (in the book of Genesis) who was sold into slavery and later imprisoned for years for something he never did, then forgotten about, and eventually released and he became second in command to the nation’s leader (in a foreign country, no less!) and ended up saving that nation, as well as all those surrounding, from a seven-year-famine which no one even knew was coming other than God, and God revealed it to Joseph.  That was his plan!

Imagine being Joseph at any step along the way.  Would you not assume that things were not going right?  Would you not wonder if God really loved you at all?  Would there be no subtle doubts creeping in?  Frustration?  Even anger perhaps?

Looking back, my life has been strange and confusing and painful most of the way.  I will not rant about my past, because this is a new blog and this is my new decision – to have my past as a point of reference and not a point of residence.

God met my biggest need this week.  He gave me a permanent job.

God has actually planned this out for me for a very long time; I just was completely oblivious to it.  I was like Joseph, thinking “What in the world is going on here?” when all the while God knew exactly what he was doing.

One version of Psalm 140:5 says, “So many are your plans for us that it would be impossible to number them.”

A lot of my tears in the past several months have been tears about not having a stable job – and also tears about not being able to go to the country I’ve been equipping myself to go to for a year and a half.  Now God has answered both prayers in one.  He is giving me both of these things, which I have prayed and wept for over and over.

I thought the cycle of poverty would keep continuing forever, but God has lifted me out of a dark past and shined his light on me.  I have questioned and argued and pleaded with God, not understanding that all the while he had things under control.  All the while he loved me.  The whole time, in the background, he was shaping me to look more like Jesus while bringing glory to himself through every situation – the fun ones as well as the painful ones.
God has not only met my needs, but he has also gone above and beyond what I even expected. The job is something I never wanted, and yet it is a job I am a perfect fit for.  I did not even know what I was signing up for when I applied there.  Everything in my life is different from what I ever imagined or planned for myself.
Everything is different, and everything is better than what I planned, because God is having his way.  Since last year, late summer, God has been having his way in my life, rather than me living my own life my own way and in my own strength.  It has been a very unfamiliar adventure, this one I’ve embarked on.  Yet, it’s brought me a freedom from slavery – both slavery to sin and slavery to fear.  This is a freedom I never fully experienced before last year.  I experienced it in small doses here and there when I could momentarily surrender my life to Christ.  But I always took back my control of my own life, and so the freedom was short lived.
Now God is having his way in me, and I am learning to trust him and obey him fully, and God is doing miracles right and left!
In I Samuel 2, Hannah prays (or sings) in response to God’s giving her a baby, after years of praying for one:  “The Lord sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts.  He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes…”
I feel like Hannah felt – that God has lifted me out of the dust and the ash heap, and made me like royalty. And like Hannah, I have been singing and singing and singing praises to him!

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