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A Love that is Real (I am His)

I’ve been diving deep into Christ this week and rediscovering who I am in him.  I had neglected my relationship with him, not purposely but by chance, because my time was spent working and doing ministry.  I worked at work, then I worked unpaid hours outside of work. Because I love my job a lot, it never felt to me like I was burning out. But in reality, I was being depleted spiritually.  Giving to ministry and giving to my job and giving to people and giving and giving and giving and giving….

God’s love is not hinged on my activities. I want to be like Mary, not like Martha. I never want activities – no matter how good and worthwhile they may be – to take the place of being at the feet of Jesus and soaking up his beautiful presence and letting his radiance somehow rub off on me.  Ministry has to be second place.  Knowing Jesus has to be first place.  Always.  We were created for good works. After all, we would be bored on this earth if we weren’t doing anything. But first and foremost, we were created to experience relationship with God.

It’s strange that, though I left my old religion so many years ago, I still keep relearning this same lesson again and again: My worth has nothing to do with my performance,  nor does it hang by a thread on other people’s opinions of me. My worth is from being created in the image of God.  Nothing can separate me from his love. Nothing can keep me from his love. Nothing can persuade him to stop loving me and nothing can cause me to withdraw it. He is constant and unchanging.  He is faithful.  And I am his.

I’ve had enough time to learn that love in this world doesn’t come without terms

When I offer something of value to you, then suddenly I become valuable too

But I want a love that looks past positions
A love just because not a love with conditions
I can search the whole world and find all kinds of love
But love that is real is love just because

I can admit that sometimes I reserve and limit my love to the ones who deserve
Still I’m waiting for someone who seeks no returns
A love I can’t lose or do something to earn

I’ve found a love that deserves recognition
So perfect and deep, it is love’s definition
I’ve searched the whole world, but it came from above
It’s a love that is real, it’s a love just because

Just Because” by Scott Phillips

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