Spilled Perfume

If I Look Into Your Eyes

Unless I walk by faith, I can’t walk at all.

My sins are too big, and my goodness too small.


If I look at myself too long and too hard,

the depression sets in. Can I be dealt different cards?

Could I go back in time? Could I right all the wrongs?

I would do things so differently.  Now, all I have is a song –

a song of regret for the years thrown away,

for the lives I have harmed, for the debt I can’t pay


and a song of desperation

in my cry to you, God.

You alone can pay my debt

for you’ve none of your own.

Help me see myself as new;

all I see is just my flaws.

Help me set my eyes on you

or else, how can I go on?

If Paul reflected on his murders,

he would have gone insane

but he kept his eyes on the prize

and glorified your name.

Would you help me do the same?


You knew how I would sin,

all the havoc I would wreak

but you made me still (on purpose!)

Now it’s your beauty that I seek.

Would you be my one desire?

Pull my face out of this mire.

If I look into your eyes,

that will silence all the lies.

Give me holiness, renew my soul

and purify my heart.

Here’s my ugliness, my selfish pride

which kept us two apart.


I have gathered other treasures,

other lovers, other gods.

I need grace without measure.

You’re the one who knows my thoughts.

You’re the one to make me new again.

You are my only hope.

Hear my desperate cry for mercy

and throw me down a rope.


Let me see myself the way you do,

as already forgiven.

You’ve clothed me in your righteousness

and taken all my shame

but the devil still reminds me

of my past and evil ways.


So help me walk by faith!

Or else, how can I walk at all?

My sins have been too big

and my faithfulness so small.

But it’s not about me, is it?

It’s about your precious cross!

You’re the hero who has made a way;

you seek and save the lost.

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