Spilled Perfume

About this Blog

March 23, 2015

This blog has existed for many years and was lying dormant for a good chunk of time also.  The original purpose which it served was to help me process through my own emotional baggage from having been in prostitution and getting pregnant by my pimp.  Most of my posts were written while I was going through post traumatic stress episodes and needed to get out my emotions somewhere.  In writing publicly about my experiences, I came into contact with countless others from similar backgrounds. I met people who were prostituted as children. I met male prostitutes. I met those who were victims and those who were doing it of their own free will.  I even Skyped with the leader of an organization which helps women heal from their prostitution experience.

That was all before.

Now, I am returning to this blog but it is for an entirely different purpose. It is not primarily to express emotions but rather to share insights which I think people need to be aware of.  I may use this blog also to share encouraging stories of people I meet or ways that God is growing me and teaching me new things.

As before, feel free to leave any comments.  I enjoy hearing people’s thoughts.


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