Spilled Perfume

A Precious Little Boy

Dear Jack,

Not a day has gone by
Not a day
Since I met you
That you haven’t been on my mind.
How your story perplexes me!
I have wept
I have prayed
I have spent sleepless nights
Trying to understand
But I cannot understand
How men can rape and torture
A tiny, innocent child.
You were so small, so young,
A precious little boy.

And where was God
While all this was happening?
That has been the burning question
Eating away at my heart
Ever since I met you, Jack.

God hasn’t answered me too much
Except to remind me of eternity.
He sees things I can’t see.
He sees all the years
In which you’ll be dancing,
Singing, playing your guitar,
Laughing, enjoying friendships,
Praising him, and eating great food.
He sees those future days
That I can only dream of.
He sees those precious moments
When every tear will be wiped away.

I don’t understand the evil in this world,
The evil that took over your unsuspecting life
And effectively destroyed it forever.
Oh, but it’s NOT forever!
Evil does not have the final word.
The same darkness that tortured your tiny body,
The darkness that screamed at you
Is the same darkness that tortured Christ
And ripped apart his flesh
And killed him.


Jack, the resurrection of Christ is your hope
Because it is the evidence
That darkness does not have the final word,
That death has been beaten!
It temporarily reigns in this world,
But not forever.
Death doesn’t get the last word.

Since the body of Christ was never found, Jack,
Since the tomb was empty,

When the darkness threatens to overtake you, Jack,
When the body memories fill your throat
And try to suffocate you,
Try to make you feel like you are still in the past,
When all you can hear are the ugly, hateful voices
Of those sick animals who tortured you,
Remember the empty tomb, Jack!

Cry out loud to that Jesus,
That same Jesus who KNOWS your suffering
Far better than I ever could.
Cry out to that Jesus who died
And rose
And prepares a mansion for you in heaven.
Cry out to the lover of your soul,
Because your life was no accident, Jack.
God has already used your life
To make a powerful impact on my own;
I can only imagine
What else He plans to do
In you and through you!

May your heart be flooded to overflowing
With a peace you’ve never known before,
With a peace
That transcends all human understanding
As you cry out to Jesus
As he reveals himself to you
In bigger and more beautiful ways.
May you discover him to be your healer,
Your sustainer,
Your provider,
Your protector,
Your redeemer,
Your restorer,
Your Father,
Your salvation,
Your hope,
Your friend,
Your future,
Your strength,
And your peace.

And may you be free
To be that precious little boy
Once again,
Free from all harm this time around.

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